How to Register with Manitoba Health & Contact Info

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Note You cannot use a Mac to do the Manitoba Health submissions. The MBHealth system can only be accessed from a Windows computer.


If you are a new client with Juvonno and currently have a Manitoba Health Number we suggest you register for a new number with Manitoba Health for the best most seamless transition.  You can complete the claims you currently have in your existing system and start new in Juvonno.



  • Complete the Request for Electronic User Number form – please be mindful that the user site name may not exceed 25 characters, including spaces.  Limited to alphabetic & numeric characters only, no special characters may be used.
  • Complete the Letter of Agreement – each practitioner that will be submitting claims through your site will need to complete this form.  Please ensure that the start date given is the oldest date of service you plan to submit through this user site, leave the user number line blank, we will enter this number once it’s been assigned.  
  • Complete the EFT Application Form - each fee-for-service practitioner that will be submitting claims through your site will need to complete this form.  Any old banking arrangements will not apply automatically to claims submitted through your new user site.   Leave the user number line blank, I will enter the new user number once it’s assigned.  Attach a voided cheque for the account where you would like your fee-for-service payments to be deposited.



  • Fax the above to Practitioner Registry @ 204-942-2356 or scan and email back to me



  • Review the ECPIM which contains the information on testing & testing guidelines.  It is important that the billing clerk carefully review the testing guidelines and ensures that all requirements contained within are met.
  • Once you have received your new user number please prepare and submit a test submission using the new software and await our instruction.  Once received, our testing clerk will review the test and provide detailed results including whether the test has passed or failed testing. 
  • Your new user site will be activated, generally within 3 business days following your successful completion of the testing process.


1. Contact Manitoba Health

Phone: 1.204.788.2567

Or email


If you need answers concerning specific claims and how to create them for special situations please contact MB Health.


Manitoba Health Claims Unit General Line 204.786.7354


2. Create Test claims

After creating the 15 test claims, we will do the first submission for you.


3. Manitoba Health will Contact you

You will be notified directly by MB Health that you have been approved and then you can start creating claims.


Manitoba Health Forms

Download and fill-out the following forms to submit to Manitoba Health.


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