How to Provide Manitoba Health with Test Submissions

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Test Submissions

Clinics located in Manitoba can only submit medical claims to Manitoba Health electronically. This is used by Doctors, Chiropractors, and Optometrists only.


You must be registered with Manitoba Health. Upon registration they will send you a package with a clinic #, clinic name, a fob that provides you with a # you will use to log into the Manitoba Health portal.  They send you a package with details on what is required on 15 test claims. 


You will create the 15 test claims using real patient data.  Please advise your Trainer that you have completed the test claims so that Juvonno can submit them for you.


To get started, Manitoba Health would have sent you a package with details on what each claims must include.

Manitoba health testing process

  1. Manitoba Health requires you to set up 15 separate test claims.  The patients you use for these must have complete profiles and must be real patients.
  2. Information that must be added in a patient profile and claim:
  • Patient: Name, Address
  • Health Care # and  Phin # 
  • Clinic name must appear on the claim.
  • Comments field: must be filled in when creating each test claim, this field is not required after the test submission is approved.
  • Tariffs: enter the correct tariff for the service. (chiro billing do not use products & services you use Tariffs only).
  • ICD codes: enter correct ICD codes for the service you are billing.


Below is a sample blank claim:






When creating test claims you must use this process.  Once the claims are approved you will be able to create a claim directly from the appointment block on the schedule using Complete and Chiro Bill link.


From the Home page navigate to the Billing tab, click the down arrow beside the Quick Invoice option and select New Claim.






To view the claims you have created go to Accounting, Appointment Claims.



In the "Status" field select "New" and Search.





When you have completed all the test claims let your Trainer know.  They will submit them to Manitoba Health. 


After the claims have been submitted to Manitoba Health you will hear directly from them once the claims have been approved or declined.  The test claims be Voided and you can start creating real claims. 


Note FOR TESTING do not use the Complete and Chiro option.
  After MB Health has approved Chiropractors can then start and use the Complete and Chiro feature.





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