How to Void a Transaction

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1. Locate the Invoice you want to Void.

There are a few places you can void a transaction:

1. From the Transaction tab if you have user type access to this tab.

2. From the Patient Profile, History, Invoices tab.

3. From the Accounting tab, Invoice Search.

The process of voiding the transaction is exactly the same from any of these locations.

The example used is from Accounting, Invoice Search.


Step 1.

Locate the invoice

From the location you have chosen to void an invoice do a search to locate the invoice.

For this example Navigate to Accounting, Invoice Search.




Step 2.

Search for the invoice (Invoice Search Page)

Enter the data you have to search for the invoice, for example the invoice number, the patients name, the date range etc.




Step 3.

Select Search.


Step 4.

Click the icon to the left of the item you want to void. 



Step 5.

Select Void













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