How to Apply a Product Refund

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Notes TD refunds processed through Juvonnon will be processed through the TD portal as well
  Stripe and Moneris refunds processed through Juvonno will require you to log into the Stripe and Moneris portal to do the refund.


Step 1

Under Accounting on the left navigation bar, select Invoice Search.



Step 2

Enter the Invoice# or the patient's name in the Patient field and select a Start Date & End Date. Then click Search.


Note: If your search populates too many results, use the additional search parameters to narrow down the results.



Step 3

Find the invoice and select the icon to the left of the item you want to refund, then select Refund Invoice.




Step 4 

The Quick Invoice popup will open where you will see the details of the refund with a negative beside the product Qty field and the totals.


Then select checkout.


Step 5

Then you get the Receive Payment popup with the amount of the refund.



Step 6

Select Apply Payment


Step 7 Confirm the amount of the refund



Step 8

The invoice will popup and if the product came out of inventory it will be returned to the inventory count.



TD Refund

1. Go to Invoice Search.

2. Search for the invoice number.

3. Click on the icon to the left of the item and select View Payments.



4. Select Refund Payment.



5. Select the Fund button



6. Choose the Terminal you want to use for this refund, and click on "Refund":



Then a prompt should appear on your terminal. Customer can now use the card to receive the refunded money. 






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