How to Set Up Invoice Splits and Assign Insurance Billing (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Billing Order

Where can I assign the billing order of multiple insurances for a patient?

Navigate to the Patient's Profile > Insurances tab and select to Edit the insurance.
Then scroll down to the Other section to find the billing order select menu.
Choose the appropriate order for the insurance and select Save.

Note: Setting it to N/A will remove the insurance from the automated Billing Order.



How can I automate appointment checkout to use the Billing Order?

Simply ensure you are using the - All Active Insurers - option on checkout (or in Quick Invoice) to have the system auto-invoice based on policy rules through the insurances in sequence.



How can I avoid the Billing Order and only invoice a single Insurance?

On Appointment Checkout or Quick Invoice, select the specific insurance from the list of insurances to only invoice that payor individually. Otherwise the - All Active Insurers - option will invoice all those assigned to a billing order (besides N/A).



Invoice Splits

Where can I manage invoice splits from in Juvonno?

There are multiple areas to access the invoice splits window:

1) Invoice Search > Click the icon to the left of an item and select Pay Invoice> Invoice Splits
2) Invoice Search > Invoice Menu > Invoice Splits
3) Receivables > Pay Invoice > Click the icon to the left of the item and select Pay invoice> Invoice Splits
4) Receivables > Invoice Menu > Invoice Splits
5) Patient Profile > History > Invoices tab > click the icon to the left of an item and select Pay Invoice.




Then you will get the Accounting, Receive Payment window and see the option for Split Invoices.




The Split Invoice window will open where you make edits to the payors.


Also if you have already created an invoice split, when receiving payment you will find the option to View Splits which also shortcuts directly to the Invoice Split window.

i.e. If using 2 insurances for billing, after Appointment Checkout the system created two invoices for the two insurances.

Select the appointment on the schedule to view the menu, and choose Pay Invoice



The invoices will be paid by both insurance companies creating 2 invoices.




From the appointment block you can select either of the invoices to pay and the Receive Payment window will appear. From there, choose View Splits.


You can change the insurance company or the amount.




Notes Fully paid invoices cannot be edited or split, while partially paid invoices can have their remaining balance reassigned to another payor.
  Split invoices created before September 1st 2021 will not be compatible with this feature. If required, the original invoices will first need to be voided and reinvoiced.

How to use the Invoice Split window?


There are a few helpful functions to modify or add splits found in the Invoice Split window.

1) Select +Add to add a new split and X to delete a split.

1.1) Once added, assign the amount to the new split and be sure to correct the split that has amounts being removed from them.


Tip Before adding the new split, first edit the amount of the existing split down to the new amount. Then when you select +Add, the new split will automatically assign that remaining amount.

1.2) There's a helpful tooltip when amounts are not adding up to the original total of the line item. When amounts are highlighted in red, hover over with your mouse to see the amount missing.

i.e. Available Amount = $10 refers to $10 that needs to be added to one of the splits.
Available Amount = -$10 refers to one of the splits requiring $10 to be removed.

2) Select the $ icon left of an insurance to view the remaining coverage details. Please note this will not update in real time based on edits made in the invoice splits window. To view updated amounts, the changes there first need to be saved to be applied.

3) Use the payor drop-down menu to switch between an insurance or the patient.


If the amounts entered within the invoice splits do not total the original line item, the window will not permit saving. If you cannot save the splits, please check if the amounts total correctly per line item (they will appear in red if there's a miscalculation).


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