How to Set Up a TD Merchant Services Desk Terminal

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Notes You should have a static IP for the terminal and the computer it's connected to. 
  The connected computer should not have a local firewall installed as that can affect it.
  The computer should not have Sleep mode enabled.
  The integration will not work with a Mac.


TD Desk 5000

The terminal is used to initiate transactions for customers using credit or debit cards,
(Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, American Express®, Interac®, UnionPay®, etc.)

To learn how to use other cards, please see our online documentation at


Interested in purchasing a unit?

If you haven't already ordered a terminal, visit TD's website here to learn more.

Juvonno & TD Desk Integration | Create a Payment Gateway

  1. Once logged into Juvonno, navigate to Settings > Payment Gateways

  2. Select + New Payment Gateway

  3. Set the Processor Type field to Hardware Integrated

  4. Follow the link to identify your IP Address*

  5. Enter your IP Address in the Proxy Integration field and select Register Proxy Account

  6. You will be contacted once registration is completed and can then proceed with Terminal setup.


Juvonno & TD Desk Integration | Add a Terminal

  1. Within the TD Payment Gateway, select + New Terminal

  2. On your TD Desk unit, navigate to Admin > Terminal Info
    Enter the device's Terminal ID into Juvonno's Terminal fields,
    for both the Name and Terminal ID.

  3. On your TD Desk unit, navigate to
    Admin > Misc.Options > Semi-Integrated > Communication Type > Enter
    Enter the device's IP Address into Juvonno's Device’s Host field.
    Then enter 38503 into the Port field in both Juvonno and the terminal.

  4. Set the Terminal's Status field to Active and select Save

  5. A Setup Credentials link will display at the end of the Terminal's row.
    Select it to view your API Key and Setup token. These will be used for final steps.

  6. Repeat steps 1-4 for any additional terminals you'd like to add

Note If you are having a problem with the download on Google try Firefox.


Juvonno & TD Desk Integration | Windows Application


  1. Download the TD Desk Integration software here

  2. Run it on the Windows computer that will be used with the terminal

    You may first be prompted to validate the software:
    In this case, select More info and Run Anyway to proceed
    Use this file
  3. Accept the terms and select Install

  4. Once installed, select to open the application

  5. From the Payment Gateway settings, select Setup Credentials:


  6. Enter those details to the Windows application and select Validate Credentials:




You’re now ready to start accepting transactions with your terminal!


Have more questions about the Terminal?

Find the official Quick Start Guide here provided by TD Merchant Services.

Additional Notes | TD Desk 5000 Reports:


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