How to Create an HCAI Insurance Profile

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1) To create an HCAI Insurance record for the patient,
enter their Profile > Insurance tab and select + New HCAI Insurance

2) Select the patient's insurance company from the dropdown.
(This menu is filtered by the insurance company's third-party group 'MVA').

3) Fill in the remainder of relevant fields (the Claim or Policy is required, not both).

4) You can link an existing Adjuster in your system or add one in on-the-fly.
To perform the latter; in the Adjusters section, select the down arrow and choose +Add:


Proceed to enter the Adjuster's contact details: 


The most important fields to note are the first, last name and phone numbers (which HCAI requires the following formatting):

1 (###) ###-#### or (###) ###-####

When finished, select Save and the Adjuster will be attached to the insurance.

Otherwise if the contact already exists in your system, simply type-to-search in this field to attach the Adjuster.

5) Assign the Billing Order based on if its the only insurance for the patient (1st) or if the patient has their own health benefits (2nd or 3rd if they have double coverage).

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