How to Edit Appointment Reminders

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Appointment Reminders are automated texts or emails sent out to your patients during your specified time. The content in these messages are customizable and this article will walk you through How to Edit Appointment Reminders.


Note: If you do not have access to this setting, please contact your system administrator.


Step 1: Locate inside Settings 

Go to Settings then select General under System & Company Settings


Step 2: Customize Reminder Text

Select Reminders & Notifications then under Appointment Text Reminders you'll be able to enter your custom message in the text box beside Reminder Text Message. Once you've finished, hit Save

Tip: Copy & paste content tags to include important information like Appointment Date & Time and Clinic name in your reminder text!

Your customized Reminder Text Message will now be included in any Appointment Text Reminder sent



Note: Text messages have a max of 160 characters including the characters that will populate within the tags. If using content tags, we suggest keeping the message between 120-130 characters.


Step 3: Customize Reminder Email 

Note: Email Reminders will automatically include: Clinic Name, Practitioner, Appointment Type, Date & Time, and Location


Inside Reminders & Notifications scroll down to Appointment Email Content


From here, there are 2 fields that can be customized: Reminder Header Message and Reminder Footer Message

*Important: Content entered into the fields will also appear in both the Patient Booking Notification and Accepted Appointment Request (if enabled)


Patient Booking Notification & Reminder Header Message

This content will appear above the Appointment Details in your Appointment Reminder Email. In the example email above, only the clinic logo was added to the field 


Patient Booking Notification & Reminder Footer Message

This content will appear below the Appointment Details in your Appointment Reminder Email. In the example email above, a custom message was entered into the field



Once you've finished editing your Reminder Header Message and Reminder Footer Message hit Save



The custom messages you've created will now be included in any Appointment Reminders sent out to Patients.


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