How to Pay an invoice using a Credit

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Note The "Credit" payment type option must be enabled on your system under Settings, Payment Types.


When a patient has a credit on their account you are able to use it to pay an invoice.

The credit data is stored in the Patient Profile, History, Credits section.


1. From an appointment booked on the schedule, select Complete and Invoice.



2. Select Checkout.



3. You will get the Accounting/Receive Payment popup that indicates this Patient has an available credit.



4. In the Receive Payment popup, in the the "Paid By field" select Credit.

Now select the Paid By field as "Credit". 


5. Click in the Credit Memo Search field, credit/s number/s will appear.

The dollar amount of that credit will appear in the Payment Amount field.

You are able to edit the amount that is required to be used for the appointment.

If the amount is less than the credit, type in the amount and then simply select Apply Payment.




If the amount of the invoice is more than then credit you will use the credit and then down at the bottom right corner of the invoice you will use the action menu and select New Payment and then Apply payment.



6. Confirm OK to the amount displayed as long as it's correct.



7. You will then get another receive payment popup.  Select the invoice.



8. Then select the Payment type for the remainder of the invoice balance.



9. Then confirm the payment amount.



10. Next you will get the invoice with the 2 payment types.












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