How to Edit an Invoice?

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1. Enabling editing invoices

2. Editing the User Type

3. Editing the invoice


1. Enabling editing invoices

Below are the system defaults that must be set up in order to edit an invoice.

Navigate to Settings > General > Accounting>Billing Section>Edit Direct-billed Invoices must be enabled.


2.  Editing the User Type

Navigate to Settings > Staff Section>User Types

Open the User Type, under the Accounting Section>Edit 100% Insurance Invoices field must be enabled.


Once the above is enabled for the user, invoices can be edited as long as:

▪ No Payment as been applied towards the invoice
▪ The invoice is not part of a split (i.e. Insurance/Patient)
▪ The invoice is not part of a print batch
▪ The invoice is not within a locked period
▪ The invoice is not due to a claim
▪ The invoice was not processed with a 3rd-party biller i.e. Telus / BCHealth


3. Editing the invoice

To edit the invoice, navigate to Accounting > Invoice Search or use the quick search to do so by Invoice Item Number. Click the icon to the left of the item and select Edit invoice.


Sample Edit window


You can also edit an invoice by navigating to the Patient Profile > History > Invoices Tab
Select an invoice's menu and choose Edit Invoice.




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