How to Manage Rejections from MB Health Managed Billing

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How to Manage Rejections

Juvonno will be parsing the remittance into Juvonno for you.

Once the remittance has been parsed you will be able to check the Rejections Report which indicates the  Rejection Codes and provides the EOB. 

You are able to edit some of the rejected claims. 

You may have to create some as a New claim.

You may be be able to set some claims back to "New", edit the claim and it will go to MB Health in the next submission.

This depends on the rejection code.

Where to access Rejected claim information

Step-by-Step Instructions

From the Rejection and Abnormal Payments Report

Step 1

From the Home page, under the Reports section select Rejections and Abnormal Payments.


The report search page will open.

Step 2

Select the date range you want to create the report for based on the last remittance dates.

Select if you want to create the report in a Detail or Summary version.



This report will list all the details including the Rejection codes for each claim.

From the Appointment Claims Link

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

From the Home page under the Claims section select the Appointment Claims link.




The Appointment Claim Search page will open.

Step 2

Select the date range based on the last submission.

Set the "Status" field to "Rejected" then Search.


 At the bottom of the page all the rejected claims will be listed.


Patient Profile Warning

If there is an error in the Patient Profile you will see a triangular warning icon to the left of the claim #. Hover on the warning, it will indicate what is missing in the patient profile. 

The example below indicates the Patient Health Care # is missing.

In these cases you will have to open the patient profile, add the health care # and save.

Then you can open the rejected claim and select resubmit at the bottom right of the window, and it will be resubmitted on the next submission date.



How to View the Claim to locate the EOB and Rejection/Disposal Codes

Click the icon to the left of the claim item you want to view and select "Open Claim".



On the far right side of the claim popup under the EOB and Disposal codes section, the Tariff, Code and Description will be displayed.


How to Edit a rejected claim

Editable Claim

In some claims you will see the "Edit"option at the top of claim popup as seen in the image below.

You may also see the "Resubmit" button as seen in the image below. 

This button is located in the bottom right corner of the claim popup.

In this instance you are able to Edit and Resubmit the claim from this claim page and it will be submitted in the next submission.

An Example of this type of claim is for rejection Code 44.  It allows you to both edit and resubmit.



When you have to create a New Claim

If you  do not see the "Edit" and the "Resubmit" buttons you will have to create a new claim if the Rejection code description tells you to "Create a new claim".



Start and End Times Rejections

Claims rejected due to the Start Time was Blank or Invalid, will be rejected if those fields are not correct or blank.


Examples of some Rejection Codes Descriptions

maniRejection code C7

If the appointment is not being performed out of a "Hospital" such as a Centre or a Clinic, leave the Claim Type Field in the claim you are creating set to "Blank". 




Rejection Code B9

This means you must open the Patient Profile and make sure the Province is selected from the drop down option located at the end of the Health Care Field as seen in the image below.

Make sure this field is updated in the Patient Profile before you select the claim's "Resubmit" button.

This button is located in the bottom right corner of the claim popup window.


Rejection Code 2S

You must have the correct Facility selected for the type of service and where in the Hospital it was performed.

Example: Tariff 8526

You must select the correct Facility as listed below in the claim "Hospital" field.

CTU Ward A Facility #396 St Boniface General Hospital
CTU Ward B Facility # 397 St. Boniface General Hospital
CTU Facility # 188 St. Boniface Family Medicine
CTU Facility # 389 St. Boniface Cardiology


How to Clone a Claim

From the Accounting Page, Appointment Claims, locate the claim and click the icon to the left of the item and select Clone Claim.

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