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System Settings Insurance Default

Navigate to Settings>General>System>Patients>Insurance Section

In this section you can turn on and off the fields you would like to appear in the patient profile, Insurance tab.



Patient Default Reminder The patient/system default insurance setting is located under Settings>General>Scheduling> Scheduling section>Default Patient Reminder
Custom Insurance Label You are able to give the insurance company a label name if you want.
All Data Visible This allows all the fields in the insurance section to be visible when set to Yes.
Default Coverage Percentage TELUS- This field will always be set to 100% coverage.
  If you have a patient that has insurance coverage that is the same percentage across the board you can use this to set it to 80% or 100% etc.
Data Type Visibility You can turn on or off these fields to show in the patient insurance tab.



Insurance Forms:

You are able to complete the Insurance Form to sub claims manually.

To select which forms you want to generate navigate to Settings>Forms & Letters> Forms.


Example below:

Simply check the box to the left of the item to show it in the patient profile under the Forms tab.



Set up the Insurance Companies you will be using

Most insurance forms you will require will already be in your new Juvonno system however, there may be some you need to add.


View the existing insurance companies that are already set up or add a new third party by going to Settings>Third Party Companies>New Third Party


These insurance companies are found in the Patient Profile, Insurance Company field in the drop down options.  



Patient Profile Insurance Set up

1. Open the patient profile.

2. Go to the Insurance tab.

3. Select the insurance company from the Insurance Company field.


4. Scroll down to the Deductible field and enter the details if it applies.



5. Scroll down to the Policy Rules.

Select one of the options in the drop down menu.


Block Fees Give you a start date, end date and amount of coverage.
Per Category  
Per Detailed Category We suggest you use this option to enter the patient insurance coverage.
Telus Health Eclaims Do not use this item it is for future development.
Tellus Health Eclaims Category Coverage If using Telus you will only ever use this option at this time.


6. Selecting Per Detailed Category

When selecting this option you will be able to enter the details of the patient's coverage as shown in the image below. 

7. Combined insurance

If the patient has combined coverage select the Configure link.


8.  The next window will be the one to determine what the combination is.





For full details on Telus please visit the Telus Help section

Settings that must be completed for Telus are:

1. Patient Profile - Insurance tab - The Policy Rules, Coverage Type will always be Telus Health eClaims.



Note Telus only accepts primary insurance coverage.  The patient can submit the secondary or you can manually mail the secondary to the insurance company.


2. Settings, Products & Services - The e-Claims Procedure Code must be filled in or you will get errors.  This is the procedure code you would enter if you were submitting the claim in the Telus Health Portal.



3. Practitioner Profile

You must have the Practitioner Telus Health tab completed.  This information is found on the Telus portal.



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