How to Apply Third-Party Payments to HCAI Invoices 🎥

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Follow this guide to learn the process of applying EHB payments.




1) Navigate to the Accounting-Icon.png Accounting section.
Under the Billing heading, select Receivables.


2) Select the Patient from the drop-down menu, Patients.
Locate the invoice(s) you are paying. It should have Payor set to the Extended Health Benefits.


Select the checkbox to the left of the Invoice number(s). 
At the bottom left of the page, choose the option Pay from the drop-down menu and Submit.

3) A Receive Payment window will display.
Select the EHB Insurance from the drop-down menu.
In the Paid By menu, choose whichever method of payment applies.


4) Select Save to apply the payment.



If you are looking to submit a completely-paid invoice to HCAI , where the third-party insurance has paid the amount in full, follow the steps here.

Using any other method of applying payment will not provide an option to select the Extended Health Benefits as the payor, and result in error when batch billing to HCAI.

You can now apply Extended Health Benefit Payments to MVA invoices.

Continue to  HCAI : Batch Billing for the MVA billing process direct to HCAI.

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