How to Register with OHIP

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OHIP Contact: 1.800.262.6524 

In order to bill OHIP through Juvonno you must have an OHIP GoSecure registration. 

Registration options for Juvonno:

1) *Solo* You are 1 Doctor working alone. 

You will have a Solo Account with OHIP.

You will also be provided with a Billing Code/#.


There are 2 Options for More than 1 doctor

1) *Group billing* More than 1 doctor.   

You will register for one Group Number.

Doctors will all have their own Billing Code/# as well.

One bank account is associated with a Group Number account.

The Primary doctor with the Group Number will then need to distribute payments to the doctors.


2) *One doctor is designated as the billing agent* Second option for More than 1 doctor.

*Solo* The Billing Agent has their own Solo account.  Doctors working at the clinic can assign the Solo doctor as their designee.

Payments will then go to doctors directly individually.

Doctor 1 set as Solo billing agent
Doctor 2 logs into solo account, and clicks on tab 'Assign Designee'.
Provides the email address and name of Doctor. This then links accounts for billing purposes.

All claims can be submitted through Juvonno and OHIP will pay the doctors individually.

Below are the instructions.
Select: English
Go to Healthcare professionals
Ontario health insurance

4th one down Form 0022-84

Scroll down a bit further to Form 7698-84

You will get a package with a new group billing # and gosecure information and further instructions.
To update the gosecure password go to Settings, Clinics, OHIP section, password enter the password and Save.
Then go to Accounting, OHIP section, Modules, enter the password and Save.

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