How to create a credit when taking an overpayment while paying an invoice

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Overpayments - How to create a Credit

Step 1

From an Appointment on the schedule, click the appointment block and Complete and Invoice, then select Checkout.




Step 2

If for example the patient owes $135.60 and you enter $200.00 in the payment amount field, when you select the $Apply Payment button, the $64.40 overage will appear as a credit under the Patient profile, History, Credits tab.

The Receive Payment option indicates how much the patient owes and allows you to select the Paid By method and allows you to edit the Payment Amount field to enter the total amount received by the patient.

Then select Apply Payment.



Step 3

The next popup will prompt you that you are overpaying a credit that will be applied to the patient profile.  Select OK.


Step 4 

Then you are prompted to confirm the amount. Select Ok.


The invoice shows the amount owed, the amount paid and method of payment.


Step 5

To see the credit open the patient profile, go to the patient profile, history, credits.  The credit indicates it was created by an overpayment with the invoice number.



Note When using the Payments by Practitioner report the total number of payments received in the clinic for the date range you select will appear which "Includes" the total "Credits" received.
  If you are using the Payments by Practitioner report for commissions, ensure you deselect the Type of Payment check box beside "credits".
Or Deduct the total credits from the total payments received to get the actual "Payments" for the practitioner.
  If you do not want to include the "Credits" received on the report deselect the "Credits" check box.



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