How to Set Up the Stripe Payment Gateway

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If you are registered with Stripe you are able to take payments through Juvonno when completing & invoicing your patients using credit cards.


The credit card information will be stored under the Patient Accounting tab. Credit cards will be encrypted. When the portal is enabled your patients are able to pay their invoices online and register to programs and pay online.


Note The only debit card that works with the Stripe integration is a Visa/Debit card.  No other debit cards can be used.


1. Payment Gateway Set up (to accept portal payments)

Navigate to Settings>General>Accounting>Payment Gateways Section.

a. Set Accept Payments in the Portal to Yes if you have the portal enabled.

b. Email Pay Online Request set to Yes, if using online payments then Save.



2. Modules

a. Navigate to Settings>Modules

b. Go to the Payment Gate field and set it to Enabled then Save.



3. Settings

a. Navigate to Settings>Payment Gateway.

b. Select New Payment Gateway.'


Details Section

a. Type: Select Stripe.
b. Mode: Production
c. Status: Active
d. Default: check the box







Note: You cannot pay AR balances when using the Stripe Payment Gateway, you must pay them individually.

System Setup:

Settings>Payment Gateways.

Under the Product Mode Section these fields must be completed:

You need the Token and the Secret fields filled in.


Token and secret

While logged in to Stripe click on Developers, then in the developer section click on the API key tab.
There you will see the Publishable Key and right below is the Secret which you will hit the Reveal button to get. 
In Juvonno the Publishable Key goes in the Token field and the Secret Key goes in the Secret field




4. Invoicing the patient

a. Book an appointment on the Schedule.

b. Click on the appointment block and select Complete & Invoice or Invoice Appointment.

c. The correct Gateway that you have set up in your system will auto-populate in the Gateway field. 

Select the credit card type.  

d. Enter the credit card details etc. and select Process Credit Card.




How to void an invoice when using Stripe

When voiding an invoice in Juvonno that was paid through Stripe you must log into the Stripe payment gateway and Void the item.



Deleting an extra payment you made in error when paying through Stripe

If you have accidentally billed an invoice twice you have to reverse the item out of Juvonno.  These are the steps to reverse the item.

1) go to Invoice search
2) locate the invoice and click on View Payments
3) in the top right corner click on the New Payment button

4) select the credit card type however where it says to use Stripe, select do not process
5) enter a negative amount


Note Juvonno is not integrated to Stripe hardware.


NOTE: Juvonno is not integrated to Stripe hardware.


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