How to Create a Submission and Parse a Remittance for Teleplan

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How to create a submission file for Teleplan

1. Go to Accounting>Generate Submission.

2. For the first time using Juvonno you'll be required to enter a sequence number. This would be the next sequence number that would come up if you were to submit a claim.

3. Go to your previous claims submitted. Find the very last sequence number and enter what the next sequence number would be in the Override Sequence Number field in the Submission Summary popup. Example: last sequence number was 114555 the sequence number you enter will be 114556.

4. Select Create Submission. The document created will save under the Documents tab on your Juvonno system.

5. Click the blue icon to the left of item and select Download.

6. Select Save File and press OK. The file will save to your computer. This is the file you upload when logged into Teleplan.


How to send a submission file through Teleplan

1. Log into Teleplan with your Teleplan username and password. This is where you upload the document you created in Juvonno.

2. Click Send Claims and locate the file on your computer.

3. Select Send File. The claims will automatically be submitted to Teleplan.


How to see remittances in Teleplan

1. Log into Teleplan with your username and password.

2. Select Retrieve Remittance.

3. Leave All selected.

4. Click Retrieve and the file will download.

6. The name of the file will appear at the bottom of your screen.


Parse a remittance - Juvonno Process

1. Log into Juvonno and click on the Accounting tab.

2. Under the BC Health section, select "Parse Remittance" .



3. Select "Choose File".


4. On the left side of the window that opens up, click on Desktop.

5. On the right side of the screen scroll down until you find the BC Health folder and click on the icon.

6. Select the remittance file you just downloaded from Teleplan.

7. Press the Open button.

8. Press the Send File button.

9. The Remittance is now being applied against your outstanding claims.

10. The patient claim can be found by opening the Patients profile, go to the History link then click the Claims tab.


How to find a report in Juvonno

1. Go to Accounting>Reports.


2. Select Remittances.


3. Enter the dates then select "Create".


Note: When there are errors on a claim a yellow warning icon will appear beside the item. Hover over the warning to read it.


Sequence Errors

If you run into a sequence error these are the steps to follow:

1. Go to Accounting, under the BC Health Section select "Claims Submissions".


2. Find the last submission file (generally the top, first file in the list), hover over the file and Delete the file.


3. Check the Last Sequence # for the previous claim file and write it down.

4. Go to Accounting then Generate Submission.

5. In the Override Sequence # box enter the next sequence # required. (Add one to the sequence # you wrote down. For example if you wrote down 2000 the sequence number you enter will be 2001).

6. Generate submission file.

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