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Notes Make sure you are logged in as Admin level 2.
  When reconnecting make sure you are on the computer with terminal integrated and the TD Integration installed.
  You should have a static IP for the terminal and the computer it's connected to.
  The connected computer should not have a local firewall installed.
  The computer should not have Sleep Mode Enabled.



1. On your TD Desk unit, navigate to Admin; Terminal Info
Confirm the device's Terminal ID is correct in Juvonno's Terminal fields,
for both the Name and Terminal ID. In Juvonno, go to Settings then
Payment Gateways and beside your terminal list click the green menu
and select Edit.

2. On your TD Desk unit, navigate to Admin  Misc.Options & Semi-Integrated; Communication Type &
Enter the device's IP Address into Juvonno's Device’s Host field.
Then confirm the Port is set to 38503 into the Port field in both Juvonno and the terminal.

3. Set the Terminal's Status field to Active and select Save

4. A Setup Credentials link will display at the end of the Terminal's row.
Select it to view your API Key and Setup token. These will be used for
final steps.


Next Step – Open the TD Juvonno Application installed on your computer. You
should have an icon on your desktop


Enter the information from the pop-up window in Juvonno into the fields in the
application and select Validate.


If you are not getting the popup below make sure you are logged in as Admin Level 2. You may need to uninstall the Integration and reinstall it.



Finally ensure the Juvonno TD App is running, click Start Service if necessary.


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