How to View a Patient's Scheduled Appointments

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There are two options to choose from when using View Appointments from an appointment's menu.

Depending on your clinic's preference, select which function matches the workflow.


TIP: Find out how to adjust the View Appointment's function here.


Option 1 : Search

The Appointment Search window will display.
It is filterable by Patient, Practitioner, Date Range, and Status.
To sort the results, simply select either of the column headings.
You are able to default the Date Range, Status and Results selection in settings.




Note: You are also able to select multiple appointments (by checking off boxes) and use the Print, Email or Cancel icon to perform the actions. 

Settings, General, System, Scheduling, Dashboard section, View Appointments Link field must be set to Search to have the option to EMAIL the patient.


Select the menu icon to access the following options:

View: displays appointment details

Go to this date:
sends the user to the appointment date on the schedule

History: view any status changes made to the appointment 🆕 

Cancel Appointment: Cancel or update to another cancelled status (i.e. Deleted)





Option 2 : PDF Report

This window will display the patient's upcoming appointments in a PDF format.
You are able to download or print this report.


From the Patient Lookup

Lookup the patient name and scroll down to the View Appointments section.  You can set a date range and view appointments, cancel, email a list to the patient and print the list of appointments.

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