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Session Time Out

You are able to change when Juvonno will time users out when they have not been active.  This a system wide setting.  It cannot be set per user.

1. Go to Settings>General>System.

2. Locate the Session Time Out (mins) field and select an option from the drop down menu.

3. Default Force Message login: This allows you to use the internal Message feature and force the recipiant to view when they log into the system.

4. Swipe Card Login: You are able to turn this feature on if you want patients to Self Arrive themselves at your clinic.

5. Show Upcoming Appointments on Invoices: This allows all upcoming appointments for the patient to appear at the bottom of their invoices.

Any changes you make to this page make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.


Show Upcoming Appointments on Invoices

Follow these steps to print Upcoming Appointments at the bottom of the patients invoice.

Go to Settings>General>System>System>Other section.

Locate the Show Upcoming Appointments on Invoices and set it Yes then Save.



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