How to Set Up Practitioners for HCAI

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This article covers HCAI-related settings for staff.
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Setting up Practitioners with HCAI

Setting up HCAI Practitioner Types

Setting up Staff with the HCAI Dashboard

Setting up Practitioners with HCAI


 Note: Log in as a Level 2 Administrator to access these settings in Juvonno.

1) Navigate to Accounting-Icon.pngAccounting > Health Claims for Auto Insurance section. 

Select Get Facility Info. If you have more than one clinic, select one from the drop-down list.


Applicable fields will display for confirmation. If there is a need to edit, this must be done on either HCAI's portal (i.e. Make Cheque Payable To) or Juvonno's HCAI settings (i.e. Facility Name).

2) Scroll down to the Providers table. Notice the first column, labeled Registry ID.



Note: The Registry ID is not the same as the provider's registration number. This is specific to HCAI only and is required to be entered as displayed to the corresponding practitioner's profile.

3) Navigate to Settings-Icon.pngSettings. Under Staff, select Practitioners.


Select Open.jpg next to the practitioner you are setting up.

4) Select the HCAI tab and enter the Practitioner's Registry ID. (Step 16)



 Note: If the practitioner is working in multiple clinics, enter the unique Registry IDs for each clinic in their corresponding fields.


Setting up HCAI Practitioner Types

Practitioners that are going to have treatment plans and invoices sent through
HCAI must have their Practitioner types set with HCAI's Practitioner codes.

1) Navigate to Settings-Icon.pngSettings.
section, Select Practitioner/Doctor Types.

2) Select Open.jpg next to the practitioner type you are setting up.


3) Complete the HCAI Provider Code field.


Find below the most-often used types but click here for HCAI's full list.

Physiotherapist PT
Chiropractor DC
Massage Therapist MT
Acupuncturist ACR

4) Don't forget to assign the Practitioner Type you have edited to the Practitioner in their profile.


Administrators - Setting up the HCAI Dashboard

Depending on how your clinic operates, you may want to assign certain staff access to view the HCAI Dashboard tab. This example uses Administrators.  Practitoners or Employees do not have access to the HCAI dashboard.

1) Navigate to Settings-Icon.pngSettings > Administrators and Open a Profile.


2) Select the Preferences tab. Under the HCAI Notifications heading, select the preferred option from the drop-down menu. Select Apply Changes or Save.


This administrator now has access to the HCAI Dashboard tab on the home schedule.

Proceed to HCAI : Products & Services Setup for details on how to add items for booking appointments, treatment plans, and billing purposes.

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