How to add a Practitioner's Availability

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Create and update a Practitioner's schedule.



  1. Where is it?
  2. How to Create Availability
  3. Daily Availability Overrides
  4. Standard Availability (Multi-Location)
  5. Alternate Weeks
  6. Customize Portal Availability

    Note Make sure you have first created at least one Schedule Type to book appointments with a practitioner.


1. Where is it?

Navigate toSettings-Icon.pngSettings > Staff section> Practitioner.

Click Open.png next to the user and select the Availability tab.


Shortcut Practitioner menu from the Schedule:    Drop-arrow.png  Availability_Shortcut.png


2. How to create Availability


The standard availability reflects a practitioner's recurring schedule on a weekly basis based on Start dates and End dates. Start and end dates must be entered and in chronological order to avoid conflicts with certain reports. 

Selecting  Menu-Icon.png provides options to Edit, Clone or Delete a created schedule.

Click on Add_Link.png to create a new availability


Set a recurring daily/weekly schedule Effective (start) and End date.


Step 1

Select which Schedule Type to set the Availability with.
If necessary, use the Edit link next to the heading to add types to the available list.


Step 2

Create availability by selecting which slots on the grid apply:


Tip To select more than a single time slot at once, select the start time, hold down the shift key and click the end time. All the slots within the range will be selected. Select the X to clear the full day of availability.


Creating an availability with a selected Schedule Type will default appointments booked at this time to that schedule type. The other schedule types assigned to the practitioner will also be available to switch to during appointment booking if necessary.

Schedule Types can be used to designate specific times to provide a service.

This is used to simply suggest to staff which types of appointments are preferred to be booked during that time frame.  It does not prevent booking of any type of appointment within this time frame in Juvonno. When booking an appointment on the schedule, the schedule type you assigned to that time frame will automatically default in the appointment booking popup.

Here's an example of an availability set with four schedule types:


Selecting multiple schedule types will provide an indicator on the Schedule itself, labelled with the Schedule Type's code, colour and clinic (when applicable). This option will be be used when you have more than one location to indicate which clinic the practitioner is located at a specific time and day.

When an appointment is booked using a Schedule Type, it will reflect the colour and any conflict settings assigned to that type. (This applies when the appointment colour setting is set by Schedule Type.)



3. Daily Availability Overrides

Overrides provide the ability to replace any single day of the standard availability.
Any overrides will be labelled by the date it is affecting.


To create a daily override, select Add_Link.png found on the top-right.

Selecting  Menu-Icon.png provides options to Edit or Delete a created schedule.

Enter the Date, select a Schedule Type and choose the overriding hours.

Tip To quickly remove a full day from the schedule, select any Schedule Type and Save. This will override the date with no availability, thus visually removing the practitioner from the schedule on that day.


Note Daily Availability Overrides will not display in the Practitioner's availability tab if they are for dates that have passed. This is a preventative measure to restrict removing or adjusting overrides for past dates. Any overrides that have been set for past dates are not able to be removed but can be reviewed by toggling the filter to view past overrides.


4. Standard Availability (Multi-Location)


If the Practitioner works out of multiple locations, a unique Schedule Type will be created and used per clinic to assign the Availability. The process of creating the availability is the same, except when selecting the slots, you will choose the applicable Schedule Type for that clinic. 

i.e. Location A: Johnathan Wick | Health Islands

i.e. Location B: 30min Acu | Global Office Facility

Use the Edit link to add Schedule types to the Practitioner:


Tip Label these Schedule Types using the Practitioner name to avoid any confusion when selecting Availability or tying Schedule Types to Products & Services that will be booked in the Portal. (The Schedule Type's assigned clinic will display next to its name.)


5. Alternate Weeks

If the practitioner has an alternating schedule - such as working every other Saturday - select the +Alternate Week link to add Week 2, below Week 1 and assign the slots as needed:


The system will repeat Week 1, Week 2's availability within the date range assigned.

6. Customize Portal Availability

By default, all available slots in the standard availability will be bookable from the Patient Portal. If you would like to define specifically which slots the patient's can book in, use the Customize Portal Availability link.


Note Each day that has no slots customized will be treated as all slots being available on the portal.
  In the example above, the portal will show Monday, Wednesday and Friday available at 9am, 10am and 11am, while Tuesday and Thursday will have all hours available (9am-12pm, 1-4pm).




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