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Juvonno's e-Gift Cards feature allows you to sell e-Gift Cards via your Patient Portalyour website, and even in your clinic. e-Gift Cards are a great way to boost your bottom line, especially before heading into the holiday season. This article will give you an overview of the e-Gift Cards feature and its functionality.



What Do You Need To Sell e-Gift Cards

You'll need two things in order to sell e-Gift Cards:

1) Inside Settings > General > Portal > Portal e-Gift Cards must be set to Yes

2) You must have a Payment Gateway enabled in your system. You can find Payment Gateways inside Settings > Accounting > Payment Gateways

You can also use the Moneris or Stripe payment gateways. 



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Selling e-Gift Cards Via the Patient Portal

As mentioned in the previous section, you'll need Portal e-Gift Cards to be enabled and have an active Payment Gateway. Once you have these set up, the e-Gift Cards button will be added to your Patient Portal allowing your patients to purchase e-Gift Cards in any denomination for themselves or to gift to others.


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Selling e-Gift Cards Via Your Website

Inside Settings > General > Portal you'll find the Portal e-Gift Card Direct Link. By creating a button on your website and hyperlinking to this URL, you can allow your site visitors to be taken directly to the e-Gift Card purchase page inside your Patient Portal.

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Selling e-Gift Cards in Clinic

Juvonno's e-Gift Cardfeature also allows you to sell e-Gift Cards in your clinic. This can be done by using the Quick Invoice function and the pre-built EGIFTCARD under Products


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