How to Create a Benefits Reminder Email Campaign using JComm

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Maximize your clinic's year-end strategy and encourage patients to make the most of their insurance benefits using the Year-End Benefits Reminder JComm template to boost appointment bookings! This article offers a step-by-step walkthrough on creating a JComm campaign that reminds patients to utilize their remaining insurance coverage before it expires. The email template is send-ready, with the option to edit it to your liking.


*Note: Your clinic must subscribe to JComm to access this template. Learn how to Get Started with JComm

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Hover over the icon on the left side of the screen and select New Campaign.

Step 2

Select the Year-End Benefits Reminder template, then click Continue.

Step 3

Name your campaign and select Build My Campaign.

E.g. 2023 Year-End Benefits Reminder Email 1

Step 4

You can upload your clinic logo or other images by pressing the Insert/Edit Image button, then Upload, followed by Browse For An Image


  • Your logo and other graphics must be in .png or .jpg format.
  • Graphics should not have a transparent background.
  • You can resize an image by clicking on the image, then clicking on a corner box and dragging it to your desired size.


Step 5

Review the email, adjust the content and design if you wish, including the font, font size, and images, and even add emojis! You can also consider deleting your clinic phone number if Online Booking is enabled.

Step 6

In the Scheduling section, locate the Send On option. By default, Send On is set to send your email one month before the patients' benefits reset date, as indicated in their patient profile in Juvonno. In the drop-down menu, you can adjust this timeline if you wish.

Next, set your desired Start Date in the provided field. This is when your campaign will begin.

Optionally, check the Ongoing checkbox if you want this email campaign to automatically be sent to your patients every year before their benefits reset date (set it and forget it as they say!).


Tip! We recommend creating two campaigns using this template and setting them for 3 Months Prior and a Month Prior, creating a sense of urgency.


Step 7 

If you do not have Online Booking enabled, uncheck Portal Booking Link which has been selected by default located under Call to Action: Portal Booking.

Step 8

Select Save, then open Campaign Overview and select Send a Sample Message. This will allow you to enter your email to view a test copy of your email before activating the campaign.

Step 9

Select Set Campaign Live

Your Benefits Reminder campaign is now active and will automatically be sent out to patients when they match your set campaign parameters.


Download the send-ready JComm Email Template 

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