How to Manage OHIP Billing Submissions & Parsing

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Generate the OHIP Submission

1. Go to Accounting.

2. Under the OHIP section select Generate Submission.


3. The Submission Summary page will open.


4. Select Create Submission - you will get the Claim Submissions/Details popup.



5. Select the Send to OHIP button.



6. When the submission has successfully been sent the "Status" will change to Pending. Then select the "Submit to OHIP" button.



The details for the submission will now be saved under the "Claim Submission" link.

NOTE: Use the Download button if you want to download the document to send it manually.

Download OHIP Files

1. Go to Accounting.

2. Under the OHIP section click "Select List Files for Download".  The system will indicate it is searching for the files.



3. Files Available to Download will be listed.  The system shows the last 50 files.

4. Select the "Download" button.  After the item has been downloaded the Status will change to "Downloaded".

5. The files that are downloaded will appear under the OHIP Files section at the bottom of the Accounting page.


OHIP Files Section

Files you downloaded will be listed under the OHIP Files section.


To the left of the Remittance files (indicated with RA for Remittance Advice) select the down arrow and select “Parse Remittance”.  

NOTE: Only Payments received from OHIP will upload to the system.  Parsing remittances from OHIP only parse payment data.

Errors & Rejections

  1. Files indicated with EE are error files they can be viewed in Excel by selecting the Open option.
  2. Open the file to locate claims that need to be edited.
  3. Go to Accounting>Invoices Search.
  4. Search for the claim #.
  5. Select the down arrow to the left of the item and select Change Status.
  6. Set the status to New to enable editing and allow the claim to be submitted in the next batch.

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