How to Create a Manitoba Health Claim using 'Complete & Chiro Bill 🎥

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This feature is only applicable to clinics located within Manitoba.


Notes Do not create test claims using the Chiro Bill link on the schedule for this process.
  If you void a claim and try to create it again on the same day you cannot use the Complete and Chiro option.  In this case go to Accounting, New Claim and create the claim.
  You cannot bill Telus through this chiro billing feature.


1. Create an appointment on the schedule.
When the appointment is complete, from the appointment options select "Complete and Chiro Bill" .




The popup Accounting/Chiropractor Billing will indicate the number of visits the patient has and how many are remaining.



If there are additional invoice items to be billed either to Insurance or the patient they will appear at the bottom of the popup under the "Patient Invoice" section.



If a patient has insurance and it is paying all or a portion of the appointment you will select the insurance company in the Patient Invoice section under the  Insurance field if it applies.




Patient Invoice Portion

Use this section if you charge more than the standard MB health coverage amount or any other items the patient/insurance is being billed for.


If there are no extra charges this section will be left blank.




Select Create Invoice when finished.



Juvonno automatically creates the claim for MB Health and the invoice for the patient and/or the insurance.

Tip Assign a default Code in Settings > General >  Accounting > Chiropractor Billing





Where to view Claims

1. Navigate to Accounting>Appointment Claims.



2. Set the Search Status field to "New" if you only want to search for the claims you have created but not submitted, set the date range then click search.



3. All the new claims you have created that have not been submitted will appear on the list.



4. Open the Patient Profile, History tab, Claims tab to view the claim.


How to Void a Claim

1. Go to Accounting, Appointment claims.

2. Do a search for the claim.

3. Click the icon to the left of the item and select Void.  






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