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Connect Juvonno to your SRFax account to receive your incoming faxes directly as well as fax out from various areas of the system.

Note There is no charge on Juvonno for using SR Fax you would pay SR Fax directly.


Here's the link to SR Fax




  1. How to integrate SRFax with Juvonno
  2. Where can I fax out from?
  3. Where can I view incoming/outgoing faxes?
  4. Additional Notes




How to integrate SRFax with Juvonno

Once you have an account created with SRFax, enter the details in Juvonno to integrate.

A) First enable the SRFax Module in Settings > General > Modules > Integrations


B) Then navigate to Settings > Clinics from the sidebar menu.


1.jpg Locate the clinic and choose 'Edit'

2.jpg Find the SRFax section on the right side*

3.jpg Enter your credentials and hit 'Save'

4.jpg Ensure the Patient Profile/Contact's fax field is entered (when applicable)

** Your clinic email address must match the email address on your SR Fax account.


where-sm.png Where can I fax from?

1.jpg Patient's Profile > Documents

2.jpg Patient's Profile > Charts tab > Export PDF

3.jpg Patient's Profile > Prescriptions

4.jpg Patient's Profile > Letters


where-sm.png Where can I view incoming/outgoing faxes?

Start by navigating to Communications > Fax Log


1.jpg Filter by Clinic and/or Status and hit 'Search' to filter results

2.jpg Filter by 'Sent' to see those faxes that were successfully sent out

3.jpg Filter by 'Received' to see any incoming faxes (and/or by unread/read)

4.jpg Assign a received fax to one or more patient profiles*


* Note:
Assigning a received fax will include it in the patient profile's Documents tab. Once assigned to at least one patient profile, the 'Assigned' column will display a checkmark to indicate its been sorted.





Additional Notes


1) Ensure the fax number entered follows the format xxx-xxx-xxxx or (xxx) xxx-xxxx and does not include any additional characters.

2) Sent faxes will first be set 'In Queue' status until a reply is provided. Usually this can take a few minutes to update in the Fax Log.

3) Received faxes will be 'unread' and once opened will update to 'read' status. If necessary, use the menu left of the fax to set it back to unread.

4) Learn more about SRFax and the feature's details here.


5) If you log into SR Fax and read the received fax messages they will not show in Juvonno.


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