How to Activate and Create Tracking Ladder Templates

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Tracking Ladders allow you to create sequenced task lists for your staff to complete during a patients Treatment Plan. These tasks are managed directly from the Follow-Ups dashboard. This article will walk you through How to Activate and Create Tracking Ladders


How to Activate Tracking Ladders

Note: If you don't have access to this setting, please contact your system administrator


Step 1

Go to Settings then select General


Step 2

Select Modules then under Advanced locate Tracking Ladder and select Enable from the dropdown menu

Tracking Ladder links are now active and can be created inside a patient's Treatment Plan



How to Create a Tracking Ladder Template

Step 1

Navigate to Settings > Treatment Plan Templates and choose +New Tracking Ladder


Step 2

Give the Tracking ladder a Code, Name, ensure the Status is Active then select Actions 

Note: Default Practitioner, Description, and Additional Comments are all optional fields


Step 3

Select +New Action then select the Type and Assigned To then under Activation select when this step will be triggered and select whether this step is Skippable. Repeat this until the appropriate amount of actions have been created.

Note: Summary and Details/Memo are both optional fields



Step 4

If you have multiple clinics, use the Clinic Assignment to enable the Tracking Ladder by location then Save


Your Tracking Ladder has now been created and can be used inside a Patient Profile under the Treatment Plans tab



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