Navigating the Patient Drop-Offs Tab in My Dashboard

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This article provides a step-by-step guide to accessing the Patient Drop-Offs tab in My Dashboard and viewing a list of patients who haven't rebooked since their last visit within a specified date range. The Patient Drop-Offs tab is exclusive to Practitioners and displays their specific patients.


Step 1: Navigate to My Dashboard

Navigate to My Dashboard on the left navigation bar.


Step 2: Understanding the Drop-Offs Tab

Once in My Dashboard, locate and click on the Drop-Offs tab.

  • The Drop-Offs tab displays a list of patients who have not rebooked within a specified date range.
  • "Drop-Offs" refer to patients who haven't scheduled their next appointment after their last visit.


In the Patient Drop-Offs tab, each patient's information is listed, including their name, first appointment date, last appointment date, total visits, drop-off age, and whether a follow-up has been received. 



Step 3: Adjusting the Date Range

Use the date selector tool to specify your preferred date range for viewing patient drop-off data.


Step 4: Taking Action

To take action on a specific patient, select the menu icon located to the left of the patient's name. 

Tip! Subscribe to JComm to Enable Two-Way Texting

Check out how easy it is to text the patient right within Juvonno by selecting Text Patient. Only available with any JComm subscription.

Further Reading: An Overview of JComm's Patient Two-Way Texting Feature


Step 5: Sorting & Exporting Results

You can sort the list by selecting any of the heading links (e.g. patient name, last appointment date).

You can further filter your list by selecting the checkbox next to the Follow-Up heading. This will show only patients who have pending follow-ups assigned to them. 

To export the results, click on Export to Excel to download the list in Excel format. Alternatively, use the down arrow to explore other output options. 



By following these steps, you can effectively manage your patients that have not rebooked using the Patient Drop-Offs tab, ensuring timely follow-ups and efficient patient care.

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