My Dashboard's My Day Tab

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My Day Tab

The ideal solution for viewing your own schedule, uncharted appointments and appointment details.


1.  Select an appointment for a detailed view displayed to the right of the schedule.


The left section will list patient profile demographics, such as the patient's name and date of birth and will also display links to the profile's Notes and/or Warnings when applicable.

Click the patient's name to open the Patient Lookup, and the View_Appointments_icon.jpg appointment icon to view the patient's appointment history.

The right section displays appointment-specific information such as the date, time, duration, or which treatment plan, reason, memo or complaint is attached. A link to either Create or View the appointment's chart (depending on its current charting status) displays here as well. 

Select the Apt_Menu_icon.jpgmenu icon at the top-right of the panel to view a shortened version of the Appointment menu. (Certain links may not display based on your user type's permissions.)

2.  The most recent three uncharted appointments will display on the top-right. Select an appointment to view its details in the appointment panel below and start charting:


3.  Charts for the patient that's currently loaded into the Appointment panel will display below, along with the author of the chart, chart date, appointment date and the status of the chart:



Notes Uncharted appointments are appointments for which there is no chart assigned. Any schedule-specific settings of 'MyDay' will also affect the Schedule's tab Day and Week view.

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