How to Cancel and Reschedule an Appointment

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Making an adjustment to the schedule.

An appointment always has the possibility of being canceled or rescheduled. When this occurs, it is useful to keep track of the type of cancellation and the reason described.



  1. How to Cancel an appointment?
  2. Where is the cancellation information stored?
  3. Deleting an appointment
  4. Schedule Cancellation Filter
  5. Rescheduling an appointment


1. How to cancel an appointment?

From the Schedule, click on he appointment block and choose Cancel.


There are several reasons on the drop-down menu to select from.



Once you select Cancel you will get a Rebook from Wait List popup.

Any patients on the wait list that fall in that time frame can be swapped out by selecting the patinet name and then select "Rebook Selected Appointment".

It is a good idea to call the patient to ensure they are available in the event they forgot they put themselves on the waiting list or they don't check their email in time.  You don't want the appointment time wasted.


2. Where is the information stored?

Navigate to the Patient's Profile and choose History, then the Appointments tab.


The cancellation type selected for the appointment will display in the Status column. 



If there was a note entered on the cancellation reason the note icon will appear highlighted.  You can open it to read the note.




The note will also be stored in the patient Correspondence, Notes section.



Note When using Cancellation Reason: Deleted, the appointment will not display here and will not appear in the Patient History of Appointments as it is being "Deleted".


3. Deleting an Appointment

You are able to delete an appointment that was booked in error or to remove it from the appointment block once it's cancelled.

To delete an appointment booked in error, click on the appointment block then select Delete from the drop down options.



If you have cancelled an appointment, it is on the schedule and you want to remove it, click on the appointment block again and select Deleted from the drop down menu.



4. Schedule Cancellation Filter

You are able to filter the cancelled appointment to be displayed or not.  It's located in the top right corner of the home page.  When the filter is check marked the appointments will appear displayed, when it is not check marked the appointments will not be displayed.



5. How to Reschedule an Appointment

Drag and drop

From the appointment block you can click on the appointment block and drag and drop the appointment to another time, date and practitioner depending on the schedule view you are working on day, 4 day or week day view.


Click to reschedule

Click on the appointment block and select reschedule from the options.



Across the top of the page you will see a reschedule information bar which allows you to use the calendar and go to any date, any practitioner any time and reschedule the appointment.  



Go to the date, time etc. that you want to book the appointment, the block will show "Click to Reschedule" click within that block to book the appointment.


If the patient changes their mind you can select the Cancel button located at the end of the reschedule information bar and the appointment will remain where it originated.








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