How to Merge Patient Profiles

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Step 1

From the Patient tab do a search for the patient profiles you want to merge.



Step 2

To the left of the patient profile click the down arrow and select Merge.



Step 3

The next page gives you the profile information and a list of profiles that have similar names.  The profile on the right is the one that will be kept.  The one on the left will be deleted.



Step 4

Click the radio button beside the one you want to merge and select Next.



Step 5

On the next page,  the profile you are going to delete is on the left, the right side shows the profile that will be saved.  A profile is never completely deleted, you will still have access to it when you do a Patient search for Deleted profiles.



Step 6

You can move fields from the left to the right based by clicking the blue arrows on fields you want to move.


Step 7

At the bottom type YES and select Merge.




Now the 2 profiles will be merged.

The deleted patient profile will always be stored  in the "deleted" patient list.


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