How to Schedule an Appointment and Assign Services from Treatment Plan

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After you have created your treatment plan you will see a field in the appointment booking window that reads "Treatment Plan".  The default plan will populate or you can select it from the drop down menu if there is more than 1 plan.


Under the Products & Service heading there is a hotlinks link with a treatment plan menu that allows you to select the item from the products & services list that you are going to schedule or bill.  These hotlinks will also count down so you know how many remaining items you have left.


Step 1

Select to book an appointment from the Schedule.

In the treatment plan field the default treatment plan will appear or you can select another treatment plan from the dropdown options if there is  more than 1 active treatment plan.



Step 2

Further down the page you will see the Treatment Plan Hotlinks button and a list of the available items to select from.



Step 3

Select one of the items, to book.  It will populate into the Product & Services section and count down from the available items.



Step 4

Select Save.


Quick Invoice - How to invoice using the Quick Invoice option

Step 1

From the Home page select the Billing tab.



Step 2

In the far right side of the page select Quick Invoice.



Step 3

Follow steps 2, 3 and 4 above.










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