How to Set Up Patient Warnings

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Warnings can be located in settings under:

Settings>General>Scheduling>Appointment display>Warning Icon. Setting this to yes will show the icon on the patients appointment block.


Settings>General>Scheduling>Patient Warnings.  This is where you can select where you want the warning to popup.


You are able to enter a Warning on the patient profile that will show a warning icon on their appointment block and can be set to popup as an alert.


How to Set up the Warning

1. Open the patient profile and locate the Warnings/Alert block..


2. Click the timestamp if you would like it dated and timed, enter the content and Save.


3. Book an appointment on the schedule. A popup will open to show you the warning and indicate if the patient has an outstanding balance.


Close the warning.


4. On the appointment block there will be a warning icon.  Click on the warning to open and view it.



Additional Warnings

1. Use the Reason field in the appointment booking window to show a warning on the schedule.




2. Use the Memo field in the appointment booking window to add a warning.



Click the appointment block and select the (i) icon to view this Memo.















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