How to Set Up Juvonno's Telehealth Integration

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About simplifies virtual healthcare visits with its free telemedicine platform. It integrates standard clinical workflows into virtual appointments and allows patients to join from any device via a simple web link—no downloads required.

Healthcare providers can take advantage of their free basic plan, and for those seeking more, their paid plans offer extra features and customization options.

When it comes to security, ensures patient privacy and meets strict regulatory standards, including HIPAA, PHIPA/PIPEDA, GDPR, & HITECH, thanks to advanced encryption protocols.


Connect Juvonno and

Follow these steps to integrate Juvonno with

Step 1

Sign Up: Set up your free account to create your unique URL for patient access.

Step 2

Explore Paid Plans (optional): Paid plans offer additional features. See pricing details:

Step 3

Navigate to Settings > General > Integrations App > Doxy and enable the module

Step 4

  1. Go to Settings > Practitioners
  2. Click open next to the practitioner's name to access their profile
  3. In the practitioner's profile tab, enter their unique Doxy room URL into the Doxy Room field




You're now ready to begin scheduling virtual appointments seamlessly between Juvonno and!


Schedule a appointment in Juvonno

Step 1

Schedule an appointment by selecting the requested appointment time on your schedule

Step 2

Select Telehealth - Doxy as the Visit Type and provide the essential details of the appointment




The appointment will be marked with diagonal lines to indicate it as a Telehealth appointment


Step 3

From the Schedule, select the appointment and choose Send Session Email to send the patient an invitation with the information for their appointment


Note: The patient must have a valid email address stored in their Patient Profile in order to attend the virtual appointment through


Step 4

At the time of the appointment, the patient will select the Doxy Room link from their invitation email or appointment reminder.

The patient can access the virtual appointment from their computer, phone or tablet.

Step 5

At the scheduled appointment time, from the schedule, the practitioner will click on the appointment and select Join Doxy Session to commence the virtual visit.




Doxy Support


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