How to Integrate your Practitioners with Physitrack

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 Practitioner Physitrack Integration Steps

  1. Log into your Physitrack Direct account  - Select Sign into your Direct PT Account for the API keys (
    If you don't already have one, please follow the steps found here.

  2. Go to your Practitioners and select Add practitioner
    Enter in their details and select Save.


  3. Once saved, select to open the Practitioner from the list and locate the Integrate with section.
    Select Juvonno from the drop down menu.

  4. In Juvonno, go to the Practitioner's Profile > Login tab .
    Copy the API Key (#1 in the image below).

  5. Paste this key in the PMS token area next to the Integrate with field.

  6. Copy the Physitrack API Key from Physitrack (#2).

  7. Paste this key in the Physitrack API Key field in the Practitioner's Profile > Login tab and select Save.




You’re Practitioner is all Set!

Continue reading on how Juvonno and Physitrack work together.

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