How to Integrate your Clinic with Physitrack

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Physitrack is a secure and HIPAA compliant platform for healthcare practitioners to offer high-quality home exercise programs, track patient adherence and video calls.

Juvonno’s Physitrack Integration allows you to quickly add a Juvonno patient profile to your Physitrack account and begin prescribing exercises.



New to Physitrack?

If you haven't already, register on Physitrack's website to start your free 30-day trial.

Juvonno & Physitrack Integration Steps

  1. Log into your Physitrack account

  2. Go to your My Account area and then click Settings.
    Scroll down until you find the Integrations Menu.

  3. Select Juvonno from the drop down menu

  4. In Juvonno, go to Settings > General > Integrated Apps > Physitrack 
    Copy the PMS API Key (#1 in the image below)
    NOTE: Settings>General>Integrated Apps > Telehealth Module must also be Enabled.


  1. Paste this key in to the API Key field within the Integrations section of Physitrack. Select Save Changes.

  2. A new section will appear underneath Integrations named API Key.

  3. Check Enable API access to my account. Copy this generated key and then hit Save Changes.

  4. Finally, paste this key within the Physitrack API Key field in Juvonno (#2 in the image below). Select Save



Once you are registered and set up :

  1. Test your system for Physitrack Telehealth
  2. Read our Getting started with Physitrack Telehealth guide
  3. Do a test call with yourself, a colleague or a friend as a test client, to make sure your camera and microphone are working.
  4. Use Physitrack Telehealth with your clients
    (Tip: download our Instructional handout for your clients (pdf) and send this to your clients)



You’re Clinic is all Set!

Continue to linking up your Practitioner Profiles with Physitrack here.

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