Is Juvonno PCI-Compliant?

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Juvonno wants to protect ALL of your clinic data. This of course includes your patient health records, but it also includes credit card information. 

What is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a protection measure that applies to any company that accepts credit card payments. PCI compliance is managed by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Is Juvonno compliant with PCI standards?

Yes. Juvonno only uses PCI-compliant credit card processors to store sensitive credit card data.

How does Juvonno store credit card data?

In fact, No credit card data is stored in Juvonno.

But I enter credit card information into Juvonno. Isn’t the data stored in Juvonno?

Not quite. When you enter credit card information into Juvonno, Juvonno creates and keeps a token that can be used to reference that information. But the actual sensitive information is sent to and stored within our payment processing partners Stripe and Moneris.

What’s a “token?”

A token is a snippet of code that replaces sensitive information with a non-sensitive place-holder: a “token.” Juvonno stores non-sensitive tokens that refer to the data held in the credit card processor’s system (the actual sensitive data). And Juvonno only works with PCI-compliant credit card processing companies.

How do PCI regulations keep my data safe?

Security measures under PCI fall into two categories: technical and operational. Each measure was created to meet a specific goal. Any company that accepts credit card payments must adhere to PCI requirements.

If Juvonno is PCI-compliant, my clinic is too, right?

It’s important to note that software can’t do everything - human behavior is just as important to data protection and security as compliant software. Whether we’re talking about health records or credit card data, it’s crucial to create and implement policies in your clinic that require managers, practitioners, and all staff to uphold the highest data protection standards.

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