Integrated Third Party Services for Email & Text Reminders Security FAQ

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We understand that clinics using Juvonno absolutely depend on reminders and notifications to ensure patients show up on the right day and the right time. A lot of care went into choosing partners to offer these services who have a reputation of securely delivering communications with zero fuss. For example, for email accounts that support it, our third-party email service will use an encrypted connection to deliver content to those addresses. That’s a very complex (but welcome!) feature that only a trusted partner could deliver.

Juvonno’s third-party partners have successfully and securely delivered massive amounts of emails per month. We continue to use them because they are reliably delivering the messages clinics need to keep their businesses running smoothly.

1) Which third-party vendors does Juvonno use for patient contact?

  • Mandrill: for sending emails to a patient or client at a time.

  • Twilio: for sending SMS or text messages to your patient or client.

2) What data is sent to third-party vendors?

Juvonno never sends medical or health record data from your charts to third-party vendors. We limit the information shared to that which is necessary to effectively deliver the service. We understand, however, that even patient names and email addresses are highly sensitive, and we always treat this information as such.

3) How does my data get from Juvonno to the third-party?

Juvonno encrypts any data passed from Juvonno to third-party vendors.

4) How do these vendors securely handle my data?

We chose these third-parties because they have a reputation of taking security and privacy very seriously.

5) Where is my data sent when I use these services with Juvonno?

Juvonno’s third-party vendors are US-based businesses, and the minimal amount of data needed to provide you with the service will be sent to their servers in the US.

6) My clinic is in Canada, is it an issue that our data is sent to the US?

Privacy laws in Canada, including college and association by-laws, allow health practitioners to disclose health-related information to third-parties when the disclosure is for the same purpose as the original collection of data. For clinics using Juvonno, data such as patient name, email address, and phone number are collected as a component of providing adequate health care. Laws and by-laws account for the fact that communications between a health care provider and their patient or client are a critical part of the health care process, and this includes direct email communications about scheduling or health-related topics and appointment reminder notifications. There is NO REQUIREMENT that this data stay in Canada. Even from a patient perspective, this makes sense as there’s no requirement for the patient’s email account to be hosted in Canada (e.g., a large majority of patients would use Gmail, Hotmail, Office365, or Yahoo to host their email).


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