How to View User Activity History

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Below are the items that Juvonno logs when pages are accessed or edits/changes are made.
1. Reports 
Settings, Reports, Login History Report.  Shows dates, times and IP address of staff that were logged into system.

2. Patient Profile
Open the Patient  profile.
a. History/Access Log tab, shows the Date, Name of Employee and IP address the profile was accessed.
b. Charts show the practitioner’s name, date and time stamp. Versions of edited charts are also saved with date and time the version was created.
c. Appointments - Date and time stamped.  Employee name who "booked" appointments, Reschedule Details.  Shows if the patient booked the appointment from the portal.
d. Some changes that are made on a patient profile is logged under the History tab/Changes tab.

3. Billing information
Open the patient profile, go to the History Tab. Details are logged under the following tabs.
Employee name and date stamped.
a. Detailed Billing History
b. Invoices
c. Payments 

4. Practitioner/Administrator/Employee Profiles 
Settings, Practitioners/Administrator/Employee.
Some changes made to the profile are logged. History tab.

5. Products & Services 
Settings, Products & Services.
Some changes made to items are logged.
Open the Product & Service item and select the History tab.

6. Third Party Companies 
Settings, Third Party Companies.
Open a third party company then go to the History tab.

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