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How to set up and edit a Practitioner Profile

Below is a "Basic" check list of system settings and practitioner profile items to set up the Practitioner Profile.


To create a Practitioner Profile go to Settings>Staff Section>Practitioners>New Practitioner.


Practitioner Profile Settings

Practitioner Profile tab


Names First/Last Name fields
Bio If you are using the Portal and want a Bio to appear you can enter custom text here.
Credentials Field These will appear on invoices.
Group Select a staff group from the drop down menu.
Practitioner Type Select from the drop down menu.
Default Clinic Select from the drop down options.  If the practitioner works at more than 1 location you do not have to select a clinic.
Scheduling Intervals Select from the drop down options between 5 and 30 minutes.
Billing Select yes if you will be creating invoices for the Practitioner.
Can be booked in the Portal Select yes if the practitioner will be available for patients to book in the patient portal.


Login tab

Username Create a username.
Password Create a password.
User Type Select from the drop down options. The User Type is what grants and restricts features and options in Juvonno.


Availability Tab

Schedule Types Add the related Schedule Types to the Practitioner first.
Availability Set up at least 1 Availability Record to show the practitioner on the schedule.


Chart Tab

If the Practitioner will be charting, select the check boxes beside the charts they want to use in the Patient Profile.  The Practitioner is also able to do this themselves when logged into their profile.

Practitioner Access Tab

Under Individual Staff Access or Primary Group Access select which employees should be viewed on the schedule and have access to schedules and charts.


Note You must have  1 or more Practitioner names selected under the Individual Staff Access or at least 1 Staff group selected under the Primary Group Access section in order for the User to see anyone on the schedule.


Preferences Tab

Home Schedule field: if you have 1 clinic set it to My Practitioners / if you have more than 1 location and the Practitioner would like to select the clinic they want to view from the schedule, select Multi-Clinic Practitioners.

The practitioner is now able to login with their username and password and see schedules and chart right away.



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