Administrator/Practitioner Profile Preferences Tab

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Step 1

Navigate to Settings > Administrators > Open > Preferences tab


Step 2

Action & Follow-Up Display Days: This setting is related to the personal dashboard. 
Set how many days into the future you want to see Calls & ToDos.

Step 3


My Practitioners: 1 location - this setting is most often set to "My Practitioners".


Multi-Clinic Practitioners: 1 or more locations - When you use this setting it will show all practitioners in the clinic on the schedule. 

If you have more than 1 location you can set this to "Multi-Clinic Practitioners" in order to switch between clinic schedules. A drop-down selector will appear on the Home schedule page when using this setting.


Select the "Clinic Schedule Access" field to select which clinic should be viewed by the staff member's profile you are in.



Clinic schedule Clinic Toggle



Resource Schedule: If you have resources set up you can toggle between Resources and the Practitioners.


Clinic Schedule Resource/Practitioner toggle



Step 4

Schedule Color can be selected if you are using the practitioner schedule color as a default to color code the appointment blocks.



Step 5

Time Between Appointments will automatically insert a break between appointments.



Step 6

Profile Picture: This photo be viewed in the patient portal to your clients/patients.


Step 7

Signature: Upload a digital signature that will appear on invoices on the signature line. 



Step 8

Item Hot Links: Set this to yes if you would like to set up quick links to easily select frequently booked Products & Services.

Enter up to 10 items that the User will have access to quickly select from while they are logged in.


A Hot Links button will appear in the patient appointment booking pop for this practitioner to select from.



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