How to Set Up and Use Physiotec

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What is Physiotec

With Physiotec, patients have access to their home exercise programs online through their smartphone, electronic tablet or computer. It's easy for them to view images of each exercise, see the number of sets and repetitions, as well as the written instructions in English, French and Spanish. 




  1. How Juvonno and Physiotech Work Together

  2. How to Sign Up for Physiotec

  3. Locations of the Physiotec Integration
  4. Completing Juvonno + Physiotec Integration

  5. How to Use the Physiotec Integration

  6. Physiotec Support



How Juvonno and Physiotec Work Together

Physiotec simplifies the user experience and streamlines your practitioner's treatment workflow.

  • Single Sign-On from inside Juvonno
  • Automatic Documentation inside Juvonno
  • Results in more patient satisfaction and more referrals



How to Sign Up for Physiotec

  • Contact Physiotec
  • Visit
  • Send over your clinics location(s) id, located on the Juvonno - Physiotec integration page.
  • Verify how many licenses you will need



Locations of the Physiotec Integration




Completing Juvonno + Physiotec Integration




Step 1 - Contacting Physiotec:

  • Settings > General > System > Integrated Apps > Physiotec
  • Send a Request (email) to Physiotec with the locational Information Provided
  • Physiotec will contact you to finalize the set-up in Physiotec
  • All Practitioner Emails will need to be the same as their Physiotec User Emails
  • All Practitioners will need a Physiotec license to access Physiotec






Step 2: CLM ID's

Settings > Clinics > CLM ID

  • Physiotec will provide you with ID #'s for each clinic location
  • Place those ID #'s inside of the clinic's information under Settings, System & Company Settings section, Clinics.
  • Your Juvonno and Physiotec System will now be integrated! 
  • To enter CLM ID's you must be a system administrator.




How to Use the Physiotec Integration



Patients Profile

Practitioners can be in a patients profile inside of Juvonno and launch Physiotec to create custom or templated home exercise plans.

They can then be printed for the patient or emailed to the patient as a PDF.

When a 'Home Exercise Plan' is created in Physiotec through Juvonno it will save in the patient's profile under documents. This way the practitioner can access the PDF of the document at a later time and the patient can see a PDF of their home exercise plan in the document section of their portal.





  • Patient Profile > Physiotec > + Create a new Exercise Program
  • Your Physiotec system will open and 
  • Create the Home Exercise Program in Physiotec and Save
  • Refresh your browser and the program will appear under the Physiotec Tab in Juvonno
    • Print - Click on the exercise program link in Juvonno to access the PDF and print
    • Documents - Automatically see the program PDF inside the patient's documents
    • Portal - Automatically the patient will be able to access inside of the Juvonno Portal



Patient Portal

When a patient can also access their home exercise programs by logging into the patient portal and navigating to their profile settings. Here they will see a PDF of their home exercise program, and they will also be able to open their home exercise program linked to Physiotec.





  • Patient Portal > Exercise Program Tab
  • The patient will be able to see their Physiotec Home Exercise Program right inside of their Juvonno portal




Physiotec Support

To get help with Physiotec call 866-301-3439.

For support, email

To learn more visit


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