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My Dashboard - the New Practitioner Dashboard with a video


1. Schedule Types

2. Intervals Practitioners

3. Practitioner Access

4. Preferences



Below outlines the specific fields that reflect on the Practitioner Schedule.

To set up a dashboard for a Practitioner, Administrator or Employee navigate to Settings>Staff section Practitioners.


1. Schedule Types

You must have at least 1 Schedule Type set up in your Juvonno system and assigned to the Practitioner.  Navigate to  Settings, System Companies & Settings>Schedule & Holidays Section>Schedule Types. 


2. Intervals (Practitioners)

Administrators and Employee profiles do not have scheduling intervals as they do not book appointments on the schedule.


Go to Settings>Practitioners, open the Practitioner profile.

On the "Profile" page, Scheduling Interval, select the intervals you want to appear on the Schedule for that Practitioner then Save. 

Select from 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute intervals.


Note If you change an existing interval you will have to set up a another availability record to reflect the new interval.




3. Practitioner Access

On the Practitioner profile select the Practitioner Access tab to select which practitioners will be viewable on the Schedule.

You can add the Practitioners individually under the Individual practitioner Access or a faster way to add all practitioners to be viewable will be add them under the practitioner Primary Group Access.  Any practitioner who is in the group will appear on the schedule.




Individual Group Access



Primary Group Access


4. Preferences

To set the actual "Dashboard" that will be viewed when the Staff member logs in, under the General Section, Dashboard field.  Below are the options.

If you have only 1 location you will select My Practitioners.

If you have more than 1 location you may want to use the Multi - Clinic Practitioners as it allows you to select which locations the practitioner can view.

You also have the option of viewing the Resource Schedule.




Individual Practitioners: On the schedule the practitioners will appear across the top of the page.




Multi-Clinic Practitioners: Used by clinics who have more than 1 location so that you can view the schedule based on the location and have a drop down option on the schedule to select the clinic you want to view.  



Resource Schedule: Use this schedule if for example you book treatment rooms, Room 1, Room 2, Room 3 and you want to toggle between the Practitioners and Resource Schedule.  You would have had to set up Resources first by going to Settings, System Entities and Types Section, Resources.

You can toggle between Resources and Practitioners.


Below is the resource view.




Below is the Practitioner view. 











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