How to Create a Treatment Plan 🎥

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Treatment Plans

Treatment plans can be set up to structure the treatment of a patient with variables such as frequency of treatments, the number of total appointments, the services administered, the action to be taken and more.


How to Create a New Treatment Plan



Settings > Treatment Plans > + New Treatment Plan


General Tab

  • Code - Number or Alphabetical shortcode for a treatment plan (3-5 characters)
  • Name - Name of the treatment plan (Post Surgical Shoulder Treatment Plan)
  • Description - Use a short paragraph to explain the treatment plan
  • Frequency - the number of times per week/month/year
  • # of Appointments - total number of appointments before the treatment plan is over
  • Status - active or inactive


Products & Services Tab

  • Items - add the items that should appear as 'hotlinks' when scheduling the treatment
  • Comments - add any additional comments that need to appear


Actions Tab

  • Type - To Do's/Calls that should appear during or after the treatment is taken place.
    • Ad Hoc - Selecting an action as Ad Hoc allows it to be scheduled during the course of the treatment plan. It will not be scheduled when you first apply the plan template.


How to Edit an Existing Treatment Plan



Settings > Treatment Plans > Open Treatment Plan







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