How to Calculate Your Clinic's Patient Visit Average (PVA)

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To calculate your clinic's PVA, obtain patient data from the following two statistic reports:

  • Clinic Statistics: a summary breakdown of total visits per practitioner
  • New Patients: a list of all new patient profiles created within a timeframe



PVA (Patient Visit Average)
Total Visits / Total New Patients



detail-sm.png Overview:

Navigate to Invoice-Icon.pngReports to export the Clinic Statistics and New Patients reports.



Notes: If your company has more that one location, be sure to break down the calculations per clinic when setting the report parameters and pull the reports from the same time frame.




Clinic Statistics Report


Retrieve the total appointments had for all practitioners in your clinic.


New Patients Report


Retrieve the total amount of new patients in your clinic for the set timeframe.
Simply minus one (the header) from the last patient listed. i.e. 11 - 1 = 10



Notes: Make sure to run this report based on the same location and set the Output to MS Excel. If you would like to only include new patients that had appointments already, check the box next to Seen by Practitioner.

Calculate PVA

Using these two statistics, find the clinic's average visit per patient.

Total Appointments (Visits) - 100 / Total New Patients - 10

PVA = 10 (as per examples listed above)

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