How to add Complaints

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Patient Complaints are one of the most important items to complete in order to properly access a patient and track their ongoing progress.

Practitioners will often track:

  • Patient Name
  • Title of Complaint
  • Onset Date
  • Onset Location
  • Details
  • Priority - Low, Medium, High, Urgent
  • Status - Active, Inactive, Discharged


Create a patient complaint either from:

  1. the patient's profile  Intake Tab
  2. the patient's profile, chart tab
  3. from the home page schedule, book an appointment window.

1. How to Add a Complaint from the Patient Profile Intake Tab


Step 1Open the patient profile.

Step 2Click the Intake tab

Step 3Click on the +Add button.





Step 4  - A new window will open where you can enter the details of the complaint and then Save.




2. How to Add a Complaint from the Chart tab

Step 1

Open a Patients profile, and click on the Charts tab.




Step 2

On the right side of the page, click on the [+Add] button located in the Chart.






Step 3

On the left side of the page under the Complaint section select + Add.





Step 4

Enter in the Complaint's details and Save.


Select the F5 button on your keyboard to update the list of Complaints to allow you to select the new complaints you just added.




After you click Complete & Close, the complaint will appear in the description information bar of the chart along with the Date & Name of the Practitioner who created the chart. 



3. From the Home page, Book An Appointment window

Step 1 - Select a time to book an appointment.

Step 2 - Within the Complaint field click +Add.  




A window will open where you will enter the details of the complaint. Enter the details and Save.




Step 3 - Select the Refresh button to update the list of complaints to allow you to select the new complaint you just entered.






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