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Want to see how efficient your practitioners are?

The Employee Sales Statistics Report provides practitioner's efficiency using their total available hours and the total appointment hours scheduled with appointments.




  1. Where is it?
  2. What is Practitioner Efficiency?
  3. Columns & Calculations
  4. Practitioner's Availability
  5. Additional Notes

where-sm.pngWhere is it?

Navigate to Invoice-Icon.png Reports

Under the Statistics heading, select Employee Sales Statistics


  • Select the desired parameters.
  • If you wish to involve all practitioners for your clinics, keep the
    (1) Clinic, (2) Staff Group, (3) Practitioners set to 'All Selected'.
  • Choose your Start Date and End Date
  • Select to include Inactive Staff in the Report
  • Select to include Aways in the Total Available Hours
  • Select to include Cancelled Appointments in Total Appointment Hours
  • Select Create
  • The report will then download as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.



Sample of Employee Sales Statistics






What is Practitioner Efficiency?


Efficiency is calculated on hours available on the schedule vs hours booked.

Practitioner Efficiency = Hours booked / Available Hours

Example: If a practitioner is available from 12 pm - 6 pm (6 hours)
and has 3 (1-hr) appointments booked, they would result in a 50% efficiency rate.




Columns & Calculations



Name of the practitioner

Staff Group

Name of the staff group located under the practitioner's profile

Total Pre-tax sales

Pre-tax sales calculated through appointments that were completed and invoiced.

Total Arrived Patients

Patients with Arrived, Completed or Billed appointments. This will not include any cancelled or deleted appointments.

Total Appointment Hours

The total hours that are booked on the schedule, including those with cancelled status if the filter is enabled. This will not include deleted appointments.

Total Available Hours

The total hours available as per the practitioner's standard availability schedule, adjusted by daily availability overrides (adding/removing hours). You can enable the inclusion of Aways by using the filter.

Total Number
of Assessments

The total number of scheduled appointments (not including cancelled or deleted) of which involved assessments. Assessments are based on whether service's settings are assigned as 'Assessments' using the checkbox option.

Total Number of Cancelled/Missed Appointments

The total number of the practitioner's cancelled and missed appointments. This does not include deleted appointments.


Total Appointment Hours divided by Total Available Hours



Practitioner's Availability


To set up the practitioner's availability, will need to list an effective start and end date on the practitioner's availability listed in the practitioner's profile.




To adjust a practitioners availability, select the staff's profile from system settings.


Open the practitioner's profile and click on the Availability Tab to see the practitioners listed availability.



NOTE: If you delete a standard availability record, this report will still calculate but will not be included within the "Total Available Hours" column.



If the practitioner will have the same scheduled availability for the foreseeable future, place the end date of the standard availability years into the future.

Click on the menu beside the practitioner's availability to adjust the end date of the scheduled availability. Save the availability and run the report again if needed.





Additional Notes



  • If not using the Include Aways in the Total Available Hours filter, be sure no Aways are overlapping as these will not count correctly.
    i.e. An Away is set from 8am-12pm and another is set from 11am-2pm.
    The system would count this as a total of 7hrs away due to the overlap.

  • If None is selected for any of the top three filters, an error is displayed informing the user to select an item for the filter. Set to All to avoid this.

  • It is best practice to run the Employee Sales Statistics on a Monthly basis, meaning the start and end date to be set to the first and last day of the month.

  • This report cannot be run with the same 'Start Date' and 'End Date' for the present day, as the entirety of the day (24 hours) is not reached.

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