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This article outlines how to export your data from PMP. Once you've successfully exported your data, you can begin to prepare it for import to Juvonno.


*Note: These instructions were created using information gathered from the software vendor and its publicly available resources. This information may differ from the exact exportation process. If you experience any difficulties exporting your data, please contact your software vendor directly.

Data that can be exported from PMP for import to Juvonno 

Staff Products & Services Patient Demographics Third-Party Companies Patient Insurance Profiles Appointments Transactions Receivables


PMP Data Export Overview

Patient data, Appointment data, and transactions with payments from PMP can be extracted.

To export your data, you will have to run all reports with the default settings and select only one or two pieces of data per report.

Then lookup and merge the files together.

The whole process typically takes around 6-8 hours to run and collect all the data, with an additional 8 hours to merge and import.


How To Export Patients from PMP

Go to the Utilities Menu, and choose Patient Export by Office.

The Criteria button is a filter, so users can leave it blank as all patients should be exported.

The field button will take the user to the page where fields can be toggled on and off such as name, number, address, etc.

This file can be exported as a CSV file.

How To Export Reports in PMP

Create the report you wish to export, with the destination being your local computer. Run the report and save it with a name to your local computer.

How To Export other data from PMP

Appointments will have to be manually exported along with patients. Please contact your PMP administrator to get a backup of your data produced. It is your right as a clinic owner to have access to your patient's files.


For full details on how to Export Data from PMP, please contact your vendor directly.


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