Exporting From MRX

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This article outlines how to export your data from MRX. Once you've successfully exported your data, you can begin to prepare it for import to Juvonno.


*Note: These instructions were created using information gathered from the software vendor and its publicly available resources. This information may differ from the exact exportation process. If you experience any difficulties exporting your data, please contact your software vendor directly.

Data that can be exported from MRX for import to Juvonno 

Staff Products & Services Patient Demographics Third-Party Companies Patient Insurance Profiles Appointments Transactions Receivables


Export Notes

A backup file can take from18-24 hours to run. 

MRX exports files via 'backup files' (BAK). They will need to be configured to Microsoft Excel to be imported to Juvonno. Find the article at the bottom of the page to learn how to change a (bak) file to a (.xls) or (.csv) file.

How To Create a Backup in MRX

At the day's end, close out of MRX and choose to backup when prompted.

Find the backup file that was created. It should look like the following (full 20181130-1111.zip) with adjusted numbers for the current date. 

From there, patient lists, profiles, and past/future appointments can be imported to Juvonno once converted to a .xls or .csv file.

How To Convert a (BAK) file to Microsoft Excel:

Step 1 - Right-click the Windows "Start" button, and open the Windows Explorer application.

Step 2 - Click the "Tools" option and "Folder Options."

Step 3 - Click the "View" tab, then uncheck the "Hide Extensions for Known File Types" checkbox. Click the "OK" button.

Step 4 - Navigate to the BAK file and right-click on the file.

Step 5 - Click "Rename" in the context menu. The file name, along with the file extension, is highlighted.

Step 6 - Move the cursor to highlight only the ".BAK" file extension, and type either ".XLS" or ".XLSX," depending on the version of Excel used to create the file.

Step 7 - Double-click on the renamed file. The data will open in an Excel spreadsheet if the file is an Excel file.


For full details on how to Export Data from MRX, please contact your vendor directly.

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